Sussex Amateur Radio Testing Team


A Laurel-VEC Volunteer Examination Team

Testing session begins at 12:00 Noon on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

There will be no exam seating after 12:30 PM.

There is no exam fee.

Applicants are not required to pay an entrance fee to access the testing classroom.

Entrance fee is for indoor hamfest venue only.

Retakes and additional tests are at the discretion of the examination team (SARTT)

Walk-ins are accepted.

Test applicants: 

Be sure to bring a photo I.D., and your Social Security Number, and a signed copy of your FCC Amateur license. 


If you have been assigned a Federal Registration Number (FRN), the FRN will be used instead of the SSN.

Administrative upgrades:

An applicant must already be licensed  or pass the Element 2 exam to receive "Grandfathered" Element credit(s).

The following may be used as proof that an applicant is authorized to receive credit for an exam element:

    a) An original expired opr photocopy of an expired license.

    b) A letter from the FCC indicating the applicant had previously been granted a specific class of license and 

    the date of the license grant (e.g., a specific date or a statement that includes "...prior to 21 March 1987".

  c)  A CSCE that indicates the applicant passed one or more exam elements within the previous 365 days.

  An expired CSCE is not acceptable proof pof any exam Element credit.

  d) A CSCE with "pen and ink" changes may not be accepted as acceptable proof for any Element credit.

  e) A printed reference copy of an expired and cancelled license from the FCC's ULS website that indicates

  the applicant was previously granted a General, Advanced, or Amateur Extra Class license.

​  f) A screen print  frfom the 1993 QRZ Database (  This database only contains calls        granted between 1983 and 1993.

  g) a copy of the cover and applicable page from a Call Sign book, showing date of publicatipon, the             applicant's name, call sign, and class of license.

  h) Teams may verif y an applicant's current license bya accessing the FCC's ULS website or using the Laurel-    VEC  Session Manager software during the registration process of the exam.

  i) No other form of documentation is acceptable.